Giving the floor and taking opinions

With the Ponctuations, Voix de Stras’ creates a short and original musical format combining the audience’s opinion, quotes, music and songs.

Tailor-made from a questionnaire sent to the chosen audience, the Ponctuations challenge, question and link our two brains, the one that thinks and the one that feels.

On playful or engaging topics, such as the inauguration of a street, the Architecture Days, Europe or the fight against violence against women, the Ponctuations are sung within institutions, symposiums, companies, schools or in the streets of cities. Wherever it is important to share meaningful contents!

“Reading means waiting for what comes next…” (F. Beigbeder)

Ponctuation for the 15 minutes of reading organized by the National Book Center and supported by the City of Strasbourg

March 10, 2022

Le Portique, salle d’Evolution, Campus Esplanade, Strasbourg

“From #metoo to inclusive writing”, Ponctuation for the conference on violence against women

November 23, 2021, Palais de la Musique et des Congrès, Strasbourg

“Houses of tomorrow”, Ponctuation for the Architecture Days

October 29, 2021, Château de Thanvillé

“Our bare hearts”, Ponctuation on breast cancer

October 04, 2021, Cité de la Musique et de la Danse, Strasbourg

“World before, world after… And today, what are we doing?”, Ponctuation on the world before and after the pandemic

July 9, 2021, Vendenheim Temple

“Unmask your voices”, Ponctuation on the hidden voices of adolescents

June 10 and 11, 2021, Exen Schweitzer primary school, Rouget de L’Isle secondary school in Schiltigheim

“What kind of Europe do you dream of?

Sunday May 30, 2021, Strasbourg

“Our Strasbourg women”, Ponctuation on breast cancer

Tuesday October 6, 2020, Temple Neuf, Strasbourg

“Tour de chant déconfiné”, Ponctuation on the first lockdown

May 2020

“Social networks, sources of debate?”

Friday November 8, 2019, Saint-Pierre-le-Vieux church, Strasbourg

“Did you say “Europe”?”

Saturday 4 and Thursday 9 May 2019, Parc de l’Orangerie, Strasbourg, and Maison Robert Schuman, Scy-Chazelles

“Women and the music profession, equality in action?”

Thursday March 28, 2019, ENA and Librairie Kléber, Strasbourg

“My voice, my contemporary’’

Saturday March 2, 2019, Bibliothèque de l’Alcazar, Marseille

2018, Festival Musiques éclatées, Strasbourg ; Cheval blanc, Schiltigheim

“Love #2”

Saturday February 16, 2019, rue Sainte-Madeleine, Strasbourg

“L’histoire d’une rue”, inauguration of the rue des Juifs in Strasbourg

Saturday September 22, 2018

“Strasbourg mon Amour”

Wednesday February 14, 2018, Hotel Régent Petite France, Strasbourg

“Giving birth – creating, innovating, transmitting…”

Friday December 15, 2017, Aedaen Gallery, Strasbourg

“Men, women, same fight?”, Ponctuation for the conference on violence against women

Tuesday November 21, 2017, Palais de la Musique et des Congrès, Strasbourg

Ponctuation on the history of bread

Thursday October 12, 2017, Fournil de Pontacq, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

“Freedom: Should we let the young make their own mistakes?”, Ponctuation of the inter-rounds period #1

Thursday April 27, 2017, Hôtel Hannong, Strasbourg

“Equality: Men, women, same fight?” Ponctuation of the inter-rounds period #2

Tuesday May 2, 2017, Aedaen Place, Strasbourg

“Fraternity: Our contemporary world, heaven or hell?” Ponctuation of the inter-rounds period #3

Thursday May 4, 2017, Brasserie des Haras, Strasbourg

Costumes : Géraldine Maamar-Dine
Photo : Jean-Paul Marbach