« […] the newly created ensemble Voix de Stras’ conducted by Catherine Bolzinger, showed their remarkable quality performing the Messe en Sol, one of the major Francis Poulenc compositions. »
Pierre Vidal – La Lettre du Musicien

« the 8 singers of Voix de Stras’ […] bring their vocal and drama expertise to the programme. »
Charles Pitt- Opéra International

« […] remarkable : the vocal presence of Voix de Stras’ singers in multiple acts, conducted by Catherine Bolzinger. »
Fritz Wintterlin, Badische Zeitung Kultur

« Nice precision and great suppleness […] uncommon crystal-clear diction. »
D.V. – Est Républicain, Nancy

« An outstanding vocal composition, delivered at the highest level of excellence by Voix de Stras’, 12 voices, tightly conducted by Catherine Bolzinger. This Strasbourg chorus was at their best. »
Marc Munch, Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace